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Butter and Butterfats

The rich pasturelands our cows graze on help us make a soft and spreadable butter.

We have a long history of processing butter. Remaining at the heart of our business, we have a wealth of experience across salted and unsalted butter, sweet cream butter and lactic butter. Through our joint venture with Corman Miloko we also have experience in the manufacture of anhydrous milk fat (AMF), butter oil fractions and technical butter.


Key Benefits

  • Made with milk from grass-fed cows
  • Soft and spreadable
  • Available as Truly Grass Fed
Truly Grass Fed

Also available as Truly Grass Fed

Truly Grass Fed is our range of premium grass fed dairy ingredients. Wholesome dairy made with milk from cows that are 95% grass fed* and spend most of the year outdoors grazing. So when you choose Truly Grass Fed, you can be assured that you’re choosing ingredients that adhere to our highest standards of nutrition, flavour and quality.

To find out more about what the Truly Grass Fed seal means, click here.

Our manufacturing process

We can tailor the characteristics of our butter products to meet specific customer requirements and different international consumer tastes. Our highly efficient butter operation, combined with our quality milk pool, allows us to serve markets all over the world with exceptional butter ingredients and branded butter products.

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