Static image of two hamburgers featuring melted cheese.


Highly functional cheese solutions

Our CheddMax portfolio offers natural, nutritious cheese solutions manufactured from high-quality pasteurised, standardised milk from Irish family farms. This multi-functional range has been designed to deliver a number of key benefits to enhance your processed cheese and can easily be incorporated into existing processing equipment and recipes. 

CheddMax can be used as an ingredient in various foods to add sensory appeal, flavour, functionality and nutritional value. Depending on your needs, we can tailor the solution to address a range of challenges.


Key Benefits

  • Tailored flavour profiles
  • Multi-format suitability
  • Desirable browning
  • Improved texture and appearance
  • Nutritional requirements

Hot plate of slightly melted cheddar cheese

We have variants that can control the browning level in processed cheese during heating and cooling, giving a visible benefit while delivering consistent flavour, yield and texture. Other variants in the range can help deliver exceptional results in the following areas: 

  • Slicing
  • Shredding
  • Firmness
  • Pliability
  • Reduced brittleness
  • Optimised melt
  • Reduced stickiness
  • Viscosity control

Our CheddMax solutions are internationally best-in-class, award winning, high flavoured cheeses.

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