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Millac Premium for Yoghurt

Fat Filled Milk Powder - the perfect ingredient for yoghurt.

Millac Premium for Yogurt is specifically designed for artisanal yogurt production and is renowned for its quality, performance and affordability.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive price
  • Superior functionality
  • Superior nutrition
  • Excellent fresh dairy flavour
performance table showing the yield and firmness and Millac Premium for Yoghurt

Our premium Fat Filled Milk Powder is specifically designed for artisanal yogurt so you can achieve superior yield and texture. It delivers an excellent clean flavour profile and has high nutritional value.

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Affordable for consumers

Our Fat Filled Milk Powder is competitively priced making it an affordable solution for consumers.
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Product performance and yield

Millac Premium provides 25% more yield than standard Whole Milk Powder providing you with greater performance and commercial advantages.
image of yoghurt in a bowl

Taste and Texture

Millac Premium will set your artisanal yogurt to a firm, glossy texture and deliver the creamy dairy taste consumers expect.

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