OptiIcecream value

Opti-Icecream Value

Opti-Icecream Value is a complete range of tailored ice cream solutions including functional, nutritional and indulgent applications.

It has been specifically designed to offer manufacturing benefits, enabling you to deliver a family-favourite frozen treat without compromising on taste or texture.

Key Benefits

  • Greater emulsion stability
  • Improved overrun
  • Slower melt
  • Enhanced scoop-ability
  • Desirable sensory experience
  • Non-GMO
image of three scoops of icecream

Improved efficiency

Improving process efficiency is a common challenge that manufacturers face. Opti-Icecream Value provides an alternative ingredient to skim milk powder in ice cream formulations without affecting the quality of the ice cream produced.
image of flavoured icecreeam

More Stable Emulsion

Due to its inherent stability, Opti-Ice cream Value positively affects lower viscosity, improved overrun, improved melt resistance and comparable mouthfeel.
image of chocolate icecream

Enhanced Scoop-ability

Ice cream’s scoop-ability can be correlated to ice cream firmness, with softer ice cream being more scoop-able. Opti-Icecream Value is slightly softer and more scoop-able than the Control.

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